NEOLUX - гарантия 1 год!

Уважаемые партнеры! Мы рады сообщить Вам, что компания OSRAM, будучи уверена в качестве выпускаемой продукции, приняла беспрецедентное решение увеличить срок гарантии на ксеноновые лампы, производимые под брендом NEOLUX, до 1 года! Гарантийные обязательства вступают в силу 1 сентября 2018 года и распространяются на продукцию, приобретенную с этого дня.

The Magazine "Za Rulem" No5

The magazine "Za Rulem" recommends purchasing auto accessories in the Wholesale Centre "Megalight-Auto".

Our best present!

Dear Partners, on behalf of our team, let us sincerely wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The single biggest party of the year, attended by over 2500 guests, took place at the club "PACHA" MOSCOW on October 30, 2010. There was a large-scale costume ball, "ED HARDY - RUNWAY OF HORROR". Such a huge number of guests was not expected, but the free space was sufficed for everyone. The most bizarre, bold and uninhibited capital's residents celebrated two holidays at once: the most horrible and hilarious holiday of the year - HALLOWEEN and 10 Anniversary of "Megalight-Auto", which sponsored the event.

Auto Accessories


GPS navigator
TV-monitor, DVD-player, video recorder, multimedia
Alcohol detector
  • Automatic antenna for hidden installation
  • Active antenna for window installation
  • Build-in antenna
  • Docorative antenna
  • TV-antenna
  • Antenna for bracket
  • Antenna with magnetic bracket
  • Extention, holder, booster, converter for antenna
Anti-static strip
Luggage rack, bicycle carrier
Wallet for driver, cover, inlay
Baby seat and other equipment for childtransportation
Extra equipment, sensor, indicator
Antitheft lock
Central lock
Battery charger, jump starter and battery tester
  • Battery charger
  • Jump starter
  • Battery tester
  • Side mirror
  • Inside mirror
  • Additional mirror
Warning triangle
"TAXI" sign
Fuel can, funnel, bucket and other containers
Accumulator clamp
Compressor and pump
  • Compressor "MEGAPOWER" (Germany)
  • Compressor "COIDO" (Taiwan)
  • Compressor "TORNADO" (China)
  • Compressor "AIRMAX", "MY CAR", "RICHTEK" and other
  • Foot and leg pump
Coffee maker, kettle, thermos
Work light
Gauge, tester and other measuring device
Driver kit
Fire extinguisher
Parking sensor
Beeper and alarm
Side lamp
Polygraphia: inquiry literature, calendar, map
  • Fuse "MTA" (Poland)
  • Fuse "MEGA ELECTRIC" (Taiwan)
  • Fuse and fuse holder "TX", "TYPE R" (China)
  • Fuse of Russian and other manufacturers
Power inverter
Cigarette lighter plug, n-way socket
High-voltage wire
Booster cables
Snow chain
Vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner "MEGAPOWER" (Germany)
  • Vacuum cleaner "COIDO" (Taiwan)
  • Vacuum cleaner "PREMIER", "SLIPSTREAM" and other
Chamois, towel, sponge and other wiping cloth
  • Chamois and towel
  • Sponge and other wiping cloth
Spark plug
  • Electric horn
  • Pneumatic horn
  • Reverse horn
Sellotape, adhesive tape
Warning light and horn
  • Horn, loudspeaker
  • Warning light
Individual protection
  • Gloves
  • Work clothes and reflecting jacket
Additional brake lamp
Elastic strap and fixing strap
Towing rope, hook
Rodent deterrence system
Torch and battery
  • Torch "OSRAM" (Germany)
  • Torch "MAGLIGHT" (USA)
  • Torch "MILITARYLITE" (China)
  • Torch "JOHN LITE" (Hong Kong)
  • Torch "MEGA" (Taiwan)
  • Torch "CAMELION" (China)
  • Torch "ERA" (China)
  • Batteries PANASONIC (Japan)
  • Batteries SONY (Japan)
  • Batteries MAXELL (Japan)
  • Batteries DURACELL (Belgium)
  • Batteries ENERGIZER (Switzerland)
  • Batteries GOLDEN POWER (Hong Kong)
  • Batteries PHILIPS (Holland)
  • Batteries GP (China)
  • Batteries CAMELION (China)
  • Batteries of other manufacturer
  • Accumulator, battery charger
Cool box
Hose clamp
  • Hose clamp "MEGAPOWER" (Germany)
  • Hose clamps "TITAN" (China)
Car cover and tent
Tyre fitting: tyre consumables, equipment
  • Wheel nut wrench
  • Tyre repair kit
  • Tyre consumable
  • Tyre valve
Wiper blade
  • Wiper blade "MEGAPOWER" (Germany)
  • Wiper blade "ALCA" (Germany)
  • Wiper blade "HEYNER" (Germany)
  • Wiper blade "MEGA ELEGANCE" (Taiwan)
  • Wiper blade "VALEO" (France)
Snow brush, ice scraper
  • Snow brush, ice scraper "MEGAPOWER" (Germany)
  • Snow brush, ice scraper "HOPPY", "CARRAND" (USA)
  • Snow brush, ice scraper "SAPFIRE" (China)
  • Snow brush, ice scraper "CITY UP" (China)
  • Snow brush, ice scraper "MAXI PLAST" (Poland)
  • Snow brush "LOLA" (USA)
  • Snow brush, ice scraper of other manufacturer
Electric shaver


Writing pad
Key ring
Mud flap
Coat hanger
  • Can holder
  • CD holder
  • Glasses holder
  • Tissue holder
  • Phone holder
  • Multipurpose holder
Decorative pad (deflector) and molding
Retro reflector
Car mat
  • Floor mat
  • Boot mat
  • Sticky pad
Seat cushion, seatcover
  • Seat cushion
  • Seatcover
Guard nd pad
  • Bumper guard
  • Door guard
  • Jet guard
  • Boot lock guard
  • Gasoline tank guard
  • Pedal pad
  • Threshold pad
  • Hand brake handle pad
Exhaust muffler
Steering wheel cover
  • Genuine leather steering wheel cover
  • Artificial leather steering wheel cover
  • Bead steering wheel cover
  • Vinyl steering wheel cover
Air freshener (aromatizer)
  • Air freshener "AITELI" (China)
  • Air freshener "AUTODOC" (Hong Kong)
  • Air freshener "CAR FRESHNER" (USA)
  • Air freshener "DIAX" (Japan)
  • Air freshener "EIKOSHA" (Japan)
  • Air freshener "FKVJP" (Japan)
  • Air freshener "MEDO" (USA)
  • Air fresheners of other manufacturers
Ash tray
Decor elements
Multi console box
LED element
  • Screw with LED
  • Decorative LED element
  • Jet LED
  • Headlight LED
  • Body, bottom, cabin LED
  • Dash panel LED
  • Stereo LED
  • Razor blade LED
Neck cushion
License plate frame
Steering wheel, connector
  • Shift knob
  • Steering wheel knob
  • Other knob
Protective net for car boot
Multipurpose table
Clock, thermometer, hygrometer, compass
Sun shade

Auto accessory ED HARDY (USA)